Management Philosophy

Our Vision

As ASG Grup Yatırım A.Ş., our vision is to be the leading company in Türkiye with a customer-oriented approach, and a global pioneer in all the countries where we provide our services.

Since our establishment, we have based our values on unity, integrity, understanding, excellence, responsibility, and creativity in every field we operate in. 

We know that to achieve our mission, we need our core values. These values are being customer-oriented, creating value, and succeeding together. The quintessential parts of our roadmap shaped within this framework on our way to becoming a global company are product development, providing revenue, profit, and the volume recognized for sustainability, managing corporate relations, and meeting stakeholders' expectations.


Our Values

Professionalism: We perform our duties with the utmost diligence and at the highest standards, closely following global developments related to our sector. We distinguish job-related priorities in all our professional relationships.

Respect: We act in line with ethical standards as a fundamental rule, prioritizing respect for people, the environment, laws, and regulations. We work in an honest, transparent, fair, and responsible manner in all our endeavors.

Innovation: We continually create opportunities for improvement and innovation in all processes, emphasizing customer satisfaction. Knowing that our difference stems from innovative practices, we put forth our best efforts to ensure that our services are contemporary and creative.

Teamwork: Being aware that cooperation, mutual commitment, expertise, and knowledge sharing are the building blocks of success, we consider teamwork as a guarantee of personal success, and we support teamwork in all endeavors.

Our Mission

Our mission in all the sectors we operate in is to create the highest value for all stakeholders with our customer-oriented management approach.

Ethics and Compliance Policies

Being Customer-Oriented

  • Providing quality service and products for the customer

  • Simplicity

  • Sincerity

  • Consistency

Creating Value

  • Efficiency and productivity

  • Honesty and reliability

  • Respect for the people, the living, and the environment

Succeeding Together

  • Team spirit

  • Candor and openness

  • Creativity

  • Constant progress